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Benefits of TMS Therapy

Benefits of TMS therapy

 TMS Therapy has been demonstrated to be safe and tolerable.

Over 10,000 active treatments were safely performed with TMS Therapy during the clinical trials.

  •  No side effects such as weight gain, sexual problems, stomach problems, sleepiness, or dry mouth were seen during trials.
  • There were no negative effects on memory or ability to concentrate.
  •  Non-invasive procedure for the treatment of depression.
  •  No sedation or anesthesia  needed during the TMS Therapy Treatment – no down time. Able to go back to work or continue on with your day after the 25 minute procedure.
  • In a health-economic study, TMS Therapy as compared to anti-depressant medication showed favorable value to both patients and health insurance companies.
  •  It has a favorable benefit/risk ratio compared to alternatives.
  •  It is associated with less hospitalizations, doctor visits, drugs, etc (data on file).
  • It is one of the only evidence-based treatments for MDD patients who have not adequately benefited from prior antidepressant medication.

The most commonly reported side effect related to TMS Therapy was scalp pain or discomfort during the treatment session. This side effect was generally mild to moderate, and occurred less frequently after the first week of treatment. Less than 5% of patients treated with TMS Therapy discontinued treatment due to side effects.


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TMS Huntsville Patient Reviews

""After a few treatments I started noticing a difference. When all treatments were complete, my depression had virtually disappeared.  I could see the good things in life again."" -  Mike
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