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Cindy Duvall RN


Cindy Duvall

Cindy Duvall


My name is Cindy Duvall. My experience as an RN includes 20 years of hospital and medical settings.   I began serving as TMS coordinator with Dr. Hayden in the fall of 2011. Since then I have been trained on two different TMS systems and attended conferences on TMS in the US and Canada. My role is not only to facilitate the TMS treatments but to work with patients on lifestyle choices and health related issues. As patient’s  energy and motivation improve with TMS treatment, they can make behavioral changes that will enhance treatment response and promote total remission from depression. Diet, exercise, and spiritual health are some of the areas that can be explored  based on each patient’s unique needs and willingness.  I’ve been  excited to see patients responding to TMS therapy who had previously given up hope that their depression would ever improve.

Cindy Duvall RN Credentials

  • 28 years nursing experience
  • Licensed Registered Nurse
  • TMS experience since 2011
  • TMS Coaching educator

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TMS Huntsville Patient Reviews

""After a few treatments I started noticing a difference. When all treatments were complete, my depression had virtually disappeared.  I could see the good things in life again."" -  Mike
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