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Cost and Coverage of TMS Therapy

How Much Is TMS Therapy in Alabama

How much does TMS Therapy Cost?

When considering the cost of TMS Therapy, it is important to factor in the quality of life costs due to your depression.  Activities that were once enjoyable have diminished, or just aren’t fun anymore, daily obligations are ignored as a result of your treatment resistant depression. Work or educational activities can decrease in regard to the level of interest, involvement, and success. Social relationships are affected, and don’t seem as rich anymore with potential opportunities missed.
Costs of TMS Therapy do vary from individual to individual, based on length of treatment and response to therapy. After completing an initial detailed consultation and determining that TMS Therapy is an appropriate treatment for you, we combine competitive cost with the highest levels of clinical care actively monitoring your progress along the way. We provide experienced guidance to develop an affordable plan for obtaining TMS.

     Our office staff is here to assist you with any further questions you may have. We would like to invite you over for a meet-and-greet: to see the treatment room, meet our staff, and obtain more information on TMS.

Insurance Coverage for TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy may be covered by your health insurance plan on a case-by-case basis. Many insurance companies now cover TMS therapy. Blue Cross Anthem, Blue Cross Federal and recently Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama now have policies for reimbursement of TMS therapy. For more information about insurance coverage and cost, please contact Cindy Duvall RN at 256 722-1999.


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TMS Huntsville Patient Reviews

""After a few treatments I started noticing a difference. When all treatments were complete, my depression had virtually disappeared.  I could see the good things in life again."" -  Mike
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