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Charles Hayden M.D.

Dr. Charles Hayden

 Charles Hayden M.D.

Dr. Hayden is a board-certified psychiatrist serving Madison County for the last 10 years.  He earned his medical degree and completed residency at University of Alabama Birmingham. He has served at Christian psychiatric clinics including Minirth Meier Clinic in Austin Texas and Asbury Counseling in Madison AL. Dr Hayden applies a holistic approach to treating mood disorders using medication and non-medication treatments. In 2011, he discovered TMS therapy to be a proven effective non-medication treatment for depression with minimal side effects. Now in the 5th year of offering this therapy, he is convinced of the effectiveness and durability of TMS for treatment resistant depression.

Dr. Hayden has been trained on two different TMS systems and completed specialty training in February 2012 at Duke University. He is a local speaker on TMS, member of the Clinical TMS Society and networks with other TMS providers in Atlanta and Nashville.

Dr Hayden is a member of the:

  • American Psychiatric Association
  • Christian Medical and Dental Society
  • Alabama Psychiatric Physicians Association
  • Clinical TMS Society

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TMS Huntsville Patient Reviews

""After a few treatments I started noticing a difference. When all treatments were complete, my depression had virtually disappeared.  I could see the good things in life again."" -  Mike
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