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Most experienced TMS provider in Huntsville

If you or a loved one suffers from a mental health condition, then you understand how it can affect your mood, thinking, and behavior every day. Untreated mental illnesses can cause frequent stress and affect your overall health and happiness in life. At TMS Huntsville, we’re committed to helping patients in our community find renewed hope and health through restorative state-of-the-art treatments.

Whether it’s through medication, psychotherapy, or TMS Therapy, Dr. Hayden and his team are dedicated to treating each individual with compassion while focusing on patient safety, comfort, and wellness.

Dr. Hayden and his team have been treating patients in the Huntsville/Madison area since 2011. We’re the most experienced TMS provider in the area and we’ve collaborated with local physicians and therapists to provide over 12,000 treatments to patients.

TMS is the only drug–free therapy for the treatment of Major Depression cleared by the FDA. Learn more about this life-changing treatment option.

 Dr. Hayden and Cindy Duvall RN were trained in 2011 and have networked with many MDs and therapists in the area. TMS Huntsville is happy to collaborate with your current provider to add TMS therapy.

  • Dr. Hayden is a graduate of UAB and board-certified in Psychiatry.

TMS Huntsville is located in the Research Park area and is able to serve Huntsville, Decatur, Madison, and surrounding areas.

Charles Hayden MD

Dr. Hayden is a board-certified psychiatrist serving Madison County for the last 15 years. He earned his medical degree and completed residency at University of Alabama Birmingham. While on staff at Asbury Christian Counseling in Madison in 2011, he began to offer patients TMS therapy for depression.

Dr Hayden believes in a holistic approach to treating mood disorders including addressing nutrition, exercise, spiritual issues and contributing medical conditions. Committed to excellence and innovation, he has upgraded his TMS systems to be able to provide second generation protocols like Theta Burst TMS treatment.

He is a local speaker and advocate for  TMS therapy and networks with other TMS providers nationwide.

Dr Hayden is a member of the:

  • American Psychiatric Association
  • Christian Medical and Dental Society
  • Alabama Psychiatric Physicians Association
  • Clinical TMS Society

Hannah Nolte PMHNP

Hannah Nolte is a board certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner who is committed to empowering each person she works with to move towards their wellness goals. She received her master’s degree in nursing from Vanderbilt University where she is currently completing the PhD program. She has previously worked alongside neurologists, rheumatologists and primary care physicians with a multispecialty group in Nashville. Drawing on her experience as a nurse practitioner and ongoing doctoral research, she develops holistic treatment plans that consider the interactions among mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of health. She incorporates medicine, lifestyle changes, and mind-body therapies alongside TMS to design a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual.

Cindy Duvall RN

My name is Cindy Duvall. My experience as an RN includes 20 years of hospital and medical settings. I began serving as TMS coordinator with Dr. Hayden in the fall of 2011. Since then I have been trained on two different TMS systems and attended conferences on TMS in the US and Canada. My role is not only to facilitate the TMS treatments but to work with patients on lifestyle choices and health related issues. As patient’s energy and motivation improve with TMS treatment, they can make behavioral changes that will enhance treatment response and promote total remission from depression. Diet, exercise, and spiritual health are some of the areas that can be explored based on each patient’s unique needs and willingness. I’ve been excited to see patients responding to TMS therapy who had previously given up hope that their depression would ever improve.

Cindy Duvall RN Credentials

  • 28 years nursing experience
  • Licensed Registered Nurse
  • TMS experience since 2011
  • TMS Coaching educator



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